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Zipper Shades

Zipper Shade

Our extensive range of vertical awning system and screens, adapts to all kinds of requirements to meet the needs of your home or office, when it comes to protecting windows, balconies, terraces or porches. The ZIPPER SHADE system is so far the most extended solution for windproof curtains, as it secures the fabric inside the guides.


  1. High technical skills and extensive experience is not required. It is very easy to mount.
  2. Specific tools are not required neither for the assembly nor to manufacture the canvas.
  3. The level of precision and accuracy required for the tailoring of the canvas and for the cutting and assembly of the guides and other structural elements is lower than in zip systems.
  4. It absorbs perfectly some imperfections present in the surface where the vertical awning is installed.
  5. The optimum performance of the sun blind is not compromised despite the lower level of accuracy required in the assembling and in the manufacturing process.

ZIPPER SHADE provides great technical advantages to the manufacturing companies. It is easy to manufacture and does not require special tooling. These advantages represent triple savings: time, money and space. ZIPPER SHADE results into a stronger product end-consumers will benefit from. It is more resistant to wind and aggressive weather conditions. All these systems can be incorporated into home automation systems through the range of automatisms available in our ZANELLA products.

Cable Shade

Either a cable can be attached to the ZIPPER SHADE cassette boxes, as long as this kind of guide without a bead chain has been chosen.


  1. Fabric always protected by the cassette, featuring straight lines and a modern design.
  2. Highly versatile – cable or rod guidance systems can be used.
  3. Ideal for outdoor installation to prevent heat from entering the home.
  4. Provides privacy and visual comfort.
  5. Automatic bracket provides easy front insertion of the roller tube.
  6. Fast assembly and fabric replacement.